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Q: Do I really need the services of a concrete contractor?

A: If you want to get a high-quality concrete driveway or floor, you need a reputable and experienced concrete contractor. Installing and finishing concrete requires skill and knowledge that are best acquired through experience. Only professional concrete contractors like RDU Concrete can handle the daunting tasks involved such as site excavation, setting the concrete, subgrade preparation, and finishing.


Q: Is there a need to remove topsoil before putting concrete? 

A: Yes, there is a need to remove topsoil and other organic material before the concrete is placed. This is important because organic matter and topsoil will cause an uneven platform for concrete slabs.


Q: Does RDU Concrete have a resume of its projects?

A: Yes, we at RDU Concrete are willing to provide a resume of all the residential and commercial projects that we have completed over the years. Check our website for photos of our work including stamped concrete, concrete driveways, concrete patios, concrete sidewalks, and many more. We are also willing to provide more verification of our work upon request.


Q: Why is proper curing important?

A: In order for concrete to attain strength and durability, it must be properly cured before a protective sealer is applied. Otherwise, the concrete will be prone to cracking, shrinkage, and dusting. Curing helps the concrete maintain the right amount of moisture and temperature and it can be done using methods like:


  • Spray on curing cover
  • Polyethylene cover
  • Saturated burlap with a polyethylene cover
  • Seven-day continuous water cure


Q: How often should I apply a concrete sealer? 

A: After curing your concrete, it is important to apply a protective concrete sealer to limit moisture and salt penetration. Usually, the sealer must be applied 30 days after placement of the concrete. It can then be applied after every 2 to 3 years based on the manufacturer’s directions.


Q: What are the benefits of concrete compared to other materials?

A: When compared to other building materials like cement and asphalt, concrete is often preferred because of its strength, versatility, and low installation costs. It is quite economical to install and maintain concrete since it does not break down when exposed to weather conditions.


Also, concrete comes in numerous shapes, patterns, colors, and textures. It is very versatile as it can feature a smooth finish or brushed to give skid resistance surfaces.


Q: Do you remove stains from concrete? 

A: Yes, we remove stains from concrete using both dry and wet methods. For dry or mechanical methods, we remove stains by grinding, sandblasting, scabbing, as well as flame cleaning and shot blasting. For the wet methods, we use specific chemicals or water in order to remove stains from concrete.


Q: What causes concrete to crack? 

A: Concrete crack is brought about when the concrete changes in volume due to shrinkage. When it shrinks, the concrete dries out and builds pressure which results in cracking. For this reason, we put joints on the concrete floors and pavements to enable the concrete to crack in a straight and neat line. We also recommend adding concrete products that contain fibers to help control the cracks.


Q: Do you have a waterproofing system?

A: As the years go by, cracks can develop on the walls due to expansion and contraction. This calls for waterproofing to prevent further damage. At RDU Concrete, we have a reliable waterproofing system to prevent leakage through the walls. We use insulation boards and seamless polymer membranes to ensure effective waterproofing.


Q: What is needed to get an estimate?

A: To provide an accurate and precise estimate, we take the initiative to ask our clients a lot of questions. We will visit the site and use the on-site estimation to determine the right cost for the project. We also use the latest technology like Auto Crete CAD System to come up with accurate estimates with no added costs.


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