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Sidewalks and walkways are essential parts of our daily lives. We often take it for granted, but well-made and reliable walkways are necessary. Lucky for you, you have the best sidewalk contractor Raleigh has to offer.

RDU Concrete offers the best sidewalk construction services. Our personnel is highly trained and equipped with the necessary skills to make the perfect sidewalks. With over 30 years of experience under our belt, our team can make any needed adjustments that projects require. All staff is dedicated to going above and beyond to provide the best possible outcome, be it in installing or fixing a walkway or constructing a sidewalk.

If you have noticed cracks on the surfaces of your walkway or stubborn roots wanting to break through the concrete, do not hesitate to contact us. We specialize in these kinds of repairs. Our flatwork specialists deliver high-quality restoration and repairs needed on your walkway surfaces. Rest assured that all these will be done following regulations and safety guidelines by the state to avoid any problems in the future. We take care of all the permits required for public walkways before starting any project as well, allowing you to have a smooth construction process.


Walkway Contractors

The amount of use your walkways has to endure is no joke. The abuse it takes from hail storms, foot traffic, and the unstoppable roots that grow from under the ground can severely damage your walkways. These damages may cause accidents and damage to properties, especially those that have wheels. To avoid all these, it is essential to work with an experienced expert. This way, the quality of the walkway can be secure from the start. RDU Concrete can deliver high-quality craft that is guaranteed to withstand any challenges that walkways may encounter over the years.


Sidewalk Contractor Specialist

We recognize the importance of educating our clients about how sidewalks are constructed because this way, they will be able to identify what is well-made and what is not. We also want them to feel as involved as possible — this is their project as much as it is ours. We take pride in giving them in-depth knowledge of how the process of concreting and repair is done.

The Process:

The first phase of these types of projects is to create a strong foundation. Then, make a sub-base out of granular material, which will generate support and cushion from the prior layer. Lastly, the concrete is then formed into its specific measurements using a wooden frame that will be dried out. To do all these perfectly, workers must have an ample amount of experience and practice, which we at RDU Concrete have after all the years of experience in this industry.


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If you have any questions about walkway or sidewalk installation or repairs, do not hesitate to contact us. RDU Concrete Contractor and Paving is happy to serve you.

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concrete driveway after new home construction. Driveway is resurfaced
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