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Finally ready to get rid of that old patio or driveway? Well, you’re not alone. Concrete is built to last with some well-maintained structures standing for 30 years or more! However, there may come a time where a concrete removal company is needed to safely remove concrete from your premises.

RDU Concrete Contractors and Paving provides a full-service demolition and haul away solution that you can rely on. Not only are we focused on ensuring the job is done right the first time, but we also offer concrete construction and paving services should you want to upgrade after the removal is completed.


Customer Favorite Concrete Removal Services

  • Removing Concrete Patios

Concrete patios receive a lot of damage from the elements, second only to concrete driveways. If you decide it’s time to upgrade or just remove your patio altogether, our team is trained in how to tear out concrete patios as well as haul them away.

  • Concrete Sidewalk Removal

Unlike typical concrete removal, sidewalk removal can impede foot traffic until the demolition, removal, and reinstallation is completed. We provide a full-service suite that covers all of this while ensuring downtime due to construction is minimal to not affect your business, home, or right-of-way law.

  • Concrete Slab Removal

Regardless of where your concrete slab currently resides, our cutting and demolition team can take it away. We also aim to affect the ground under the slab as minimally as possible so it can be immediately used again once our team clears out.

  • Removing Stamped Concrete

Stamped or stained concrete is treated the same as our other removal services BUT we offer something that most other Raleigh concrete removal services don’t! Not only can we demo and haul the old concrete away, but we can also install a brand-new stamped concrete surface that will last for decades.

  • Decorative Concrete Removal

If you’ve decided to finally get rid of your cobblestone-style decorative concrete, then we’re the concrete removal company. Not only can we perform the removal but provide you with great-looking choices to swap in its place!

  • Removing Concrete Steps

We do remove concrete steps, even those currently attached to a structure you want to keep! Our team will first analyze the work site and then provide the best course of action to remove or replace the steps that won’t cause structural issues.


Considerations for Demolishing Concrete

Regardless of whether you own a business or are looking for concrete removal at your home, you’ll need to consider how best to demolish the existing concrete. Our team looks at the following before we literally break ground:

  • Will the demo cause any structural issues?
  • Will the demo cause an issue with the right of way or other city ordinances?
  • Will the demo negatively affect your business’s daily operations?

Going with a company like RDU Concrete Contractors and Paving which offer both residential and commercial demolition services, will take the headache out of your next demolition job.


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backho digging concrete in a road for removal
bulldozer clearing concrete for removal
A residential construction scene with a pile of broken concrete chunks to the left, next to a concrete walkway. A red gas can and a chainsaw rest on the walkway, suggesting recent demolition work. The background features a wooden fence and potted plants atop a gravel bed, creating a contrast between the ongoing work and the organized garden space.

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