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If you’re looking for the premiere concrete paving company in Raleigh, then look no further than RDU Concrete Contractors and Paving! Not only are we familiar with the ins and outs of commercial and residential concrete paving but take an above and beyond mentality to every project we take on regardless of size. 

Speaking of size, our team of trained concrete paving contractors has over 30 years of experience with paving projects such as freeways, parking lots, industrial sized concrete slabs, and much more! Couple that with our decorative concrete and ADA compliance services and you’ve got a recipe for greatness. 


Driveway Paving and Installation Specialists 

When it comes to paving, finding the right team for the job is a must. Companies that focus purely on residential sidewalk paving or residential driveway paving, and installation may appear to be the best choice but going with a full-service company like ours gives you more options in the long run.  

The driveway paving and installation process is not just about laying the concrete, but also involves: 


  • Demolition and haul away of the currently existing material. 
  • Evaluation, grading, and adjusting of the soil to ensure a smooth level path. 
  • Preparing the area correctly for either fixed-form or slipform paving. 


Having these items completed all by a single contractor makes the process that much easier, and you get that with RDU. We not only provide all the above residential paving services but can also make sure that the installations clear any state or federal regulations, so you don’t have to worry.  

Outside of the above, we also offer a wide range of decorative concrete options! If you’ve always wanted to have a beautiful cobblestone driveway but could never justify the price, stamped concrete is a great choice to cut the difference without breaking the bank. If just a different tint is more your style, we also offer stained concrete in a wide variety of colors. Give us a ring today to discuss your customization options and receive a free estimate! 


What to Know About Parking Lot Paving in Raleigh 

Parking lots, unlike driveways, have a bit more factors to consider. While a driveway is typically installed on residential property, parking lots are exclusive to commercial properties and require a bit more attention.  

Raleigh’s Right of Way provisions apply to this type of construction and prohibit the obstruction of public travel ways such as streets, sidewalks, and other walkways as well as requires noise ordinance to be observed during night work. Completing a project like this without violations is tough to do BUT our team is more than up to the task.  

Outside of the strict requirements that must be followed during constructions, parking lots also should be made accessible and functional for vehicles of all sizes. Our team provides comprehensive analysis and guidance on ADA accessibility, entranceway width and slope size, and even how to add the perfect sized lines for the types of vehicles you expect to park there.   


The Best Choice for Commercial Paving Projects 

More than likely, you’re still considering the best paving material for the cost, and we’re here to end the conversation. Concrete is hands down the best material for commercial paving projects. This applies to paving parking lots, paving driveways, paving slabs, and beyond.  

Even with regular foot and vehicle traffic, concrete is proven to last longer than alternative materials and can be installed, repaired, and replaced far more efficiently as well. Couple that with the ability to coat it, provide customer decoration, add anti-slip material, convert ramps to include ADA compliant bumps or grooves, and beyond - and you have a material that’s hard to beat.  

Here are just a few other benefits of concrete:  


  • Moderately resistant to fire and impact.  
  • Sound dampening insulation. 
  • Cooler to the touch than its alternatives during a hot day.  


Another factor that comes into play is how long it takes to perform the initial install. Other materials require multiple passes before it can be properly set, but concrete takes far fewer passes before the newly paved surface is ready to go. This means you’re paying for less man hours to complete the job which is a big win over other materials! 


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RDU Concrete Contractors and Paving offers competitive rates for all your concrete driveway, parking lot, or other commercial paving services. Get a free estimate for our concrete paving services today!  


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