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Concrete Driveway Repair Raleigh NC 

Concrete driveways can last decades when properly maintained. However, even the most meticulous home or business owner will reach a point where cracks and surface damage begin to develop. Don’t wait to address these! 

Often times, cracks and surface damage are precursors for more serious trouble under the surface, so seeking cement repair in Raleigh is the best thing you can do to protect your investment. Here’s a breakdown of how we approach repairs and resurfacing.    


When to Search For a Driveway Repair Company 

So, when is it time for a driveway repair? 

Driveway repairs are typically smaller in scale and can be performed on a small crack or hole that is just starting to develop. When you start to notice small cracks or holes that retain water, or give access to sublayers of your driveway, it’s a good time to contact a Raleigh concrete driveway repair service such as RDU.  

The repair process our team follows includes: 


  • Investigation of the work site by one of our experienced team members 
  • Cleaning the area followed by an application of vegetation deterring chemicals 
  • Filling of the crack or hole with matching concrete  
  • Finalization of top layer including resealing if you have sealed concrete 


We’ve found this process to be extremely successful when it comes to fixing driveway cracks as long as it hasn’t become a large spiderweb, which will instead require driveway refinishing. 


Driveway Resurfacing in Raleigh NC 

Concrete is a great material to have in Raleigh since it typically stays far cooler than its alternatives, making it perfect for our hot and sticky summers. However, if your concrete is starting to look more like a mosaic than one solid slab, it’s time for a driveway resurfacing.  

Driveway repair contractors such as RDU, will recommend driveway resurfacing when 30% or more of the surface is covered with damage including holes, spiderwebbing cracks, or extreme bleaching. While the latter is purely aesthetic, cracks and holes can lead to further structural issues if not addressed ASAP. This is particularly troubling for businesses as liability often falls on the business owner.  

While not aiming to replace driveways completely, resurfacing is the process of adding an additional thin layer of concrete over the existing, problem ridden area. This layer then combines with the existing, giving it a huge boost in durability. This process has saved many home owners from huge charges that would occur from having to completely replace or rebuild their driveways when these issues were left unchecked.  

Once the resurfacing is finalized, however, you’ll be left with the beauty you had the first day your concrete driveway was installed. Our expertise extends beyond just driveways though as this same technique can be applied to concrete slabs, sidewalks, walkways, and more! Whatever concrete surface you need cleared of cracks and holes, we’ve got you covered. 

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