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Did you know that concrete driveways can last up to 30 years before needing a replacement? Did you also know that concrete driveways are the most used concrete surface in your home or business? This is due to driveways receiving regular foot traffic, vehicle traffic, and exposure to the elements. While usage varies depending on lifestyles and business, more than likely, you’ll be replacing a concrete driveway every 1 – 3 decades.

That probably makes it seem like you can wait it out, but that would be a mistake! If you’ve started looking for a concrete driveway replacement company, then more than likely you’ve started noticing major issues such as large, deep spiderweb cracks along the surface, potholes developing, or the driveway starting to sink lower at points. All these issues point to serious structural problems below the surface.

Our team at RDU Concrete Contractors and Paving have had more than a few customers who ignored these issues early on and wound up with a more expensive foundation issue down the road. If we’ve convinced you to take the signs a bit more seriously, then check out our process below for more information.

Our Residential Driveway Replacement Process 

The amount of use your walkways has to endure is no joke. The abuse it takes from hail storms, foot traffic, and the unstoppable roots that grow from under the ground can severely damage your walkways. These damages may cause accidents and damage to properties, especially those that have wheels. To avoid all these, it is essential to work with an experienced expert. This way, the quality of the walkway can be secure from the start. RDU Concrete can deliver high-quality craft that is guaranteed to withstand any challenges that walkways may encounter over the years.

Alright, so now that we’ve got your attention, let’s briefly discuss when to consider a driveway replacement over a resurfacing or repair.

Driveway repairs are limited to small cracks, holes, or chips that do not spread beyond 20% of the surface. Resurfacing, however, comes into play when around 20% or more of the surface shows spiderweb cracks or discoloration but there are not many deep-rooted cracks or holes.

If your case sounds like either of the above, then a repair or resurfacing should be considered instead. However, if your issues are worse, then it’s probably time for a replacement.

Here’s how our team takes care of a concrete driveway replacement: 

  • After getting permits for demolition, we’ll work with you to plan a time that is least disruptive then send a crew out.
  • Our crew will provide concrete cutting, demolition, and haul away of the old concrete driveway.
  • After the old driveway removal is complete, our team will then perform an analysis on the soil and structure below to ensure the new driveway will have no issues.
  • Should they find any problems, new rebar structures will be installed as well as any grading or leveling services to ensure a perfect pour.
  • Once the deep problems are fixed, our team will then pour the new layer of concrete.
  • A short while later, you’ll have a beautiful new, long lasting, concrete driveway.

And that’s it! Don’t worry though if you have a custom-made driveway as the process is pretty much the same.

Is Decorative Concrete Driveway Replacement More Difficult? 

Do you have a nice cobblestone effect on your current driveway? Maybe you opted for stamped or stained and are worried about having it replaced?

Well, don’t worry as the tear out and replace process for decorative concrete has the same level of difficulty as a basic concrete driveway. The biggest difference is our design team will get involved to match the color, style, or coatings so when we’re done, your driveway will pop even more than it did before we got there!

Oh, and if you’re looking to change up the look entirely, our team of trained Raleigh driveway replacement contractors are familiar with the latest trends in decorative concrete and can guide you through choosing what suits your home or business. You don’t have to compromise when working with RDU.

Replacing Commercial Driveways Without Affecting Revenue

Unlike residential driveways, businesses can be negatively impacted by the construction, even if it is not necessarily in the way of traffic. Our team wants your business to succeed and as such, we offer the following accommodations for business owners:

Our team works with onsite staff to coordinate times and work within hours that are least disruptive.
Our team can compartmentalize the work so only half of the driveway is out of commission as we work on the second half.
Our team reviews and conforms to all safety standards and guidelines required by city, state, and of course federal law.

In addition, our team will also provide guidance on improvements for the existing driveway to better meet ADA, OSHA, or other regulatory requirements. This approach has helped us not only build confidence with business leaders of all industries, but also improved their safety and compliance standards with little down time. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

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A wide concrete driveway leads up to a blue garage door of a residential home. The driveway is segmented into four large sections by control joints. On the left side, a lush green bush is visible, and to the right, there's a tree with a thin trunk. The light blue siding of the house provides a soft contrast to the grey of the concrete and the natural greenery beside the driveway.
A worker in dirty work boots and pants is finishing a freshly poured concrete sidewalk. The person is using a long-handled broom to texture the surface of the wet concrete for traction. The surrounding area is a construction site with bare earth and installation works in progress.
An early stage of construction with a wooden frame structure built upon a concrete foundation in a barren field. The sky is overcast, and the landscape around the construction site is sparse, with dead or dormant vegetation. The frame consists of vertical and horizontal beams, outlining what may become a building or shelter. There's a sense of open space and the beginning of a project.

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