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Did you just locate the perfect location for your new business? While curb appeal is a must for all customer facing businesses, curb access is even more important!

The American Disabilities Act requires that any path that can be traveled along, whether by car, foot, or otherwise, must be easily accessible to everyone. While this is a federally mandated and enforced requirement, it’s also good for business!

The more people who are able to easily access your restaurant, retail store, office building, and beyond – the more revenue you’ll generate. Luckily, RDU Concrete Contractors and Paving have 30 years of collective experience which includes every rule and requirement to be ADA compliant. We’re here to help with installing ADA concrete ramps of any type!


ADA Concrete Sidewalk Ramps Shouldn’t Be a Headache

If you’ve reviewed the requirements for ADA curb and entrance ramps, sidewalks, or parking lots, it may seem like a lot to remember. We’re here to make that process a lot easier on you both with installation and in understanding. Here’s a quick, simple list, of what needs to be done for sidewalk ramps.


  • Ramps must have a gradual rise of 1 inch for every 20 inches of ramp length or a ration of 1:20
  • This ratio changes depending on the area that is being defined such as loading areas
  • Additional safety features such as anti-slip texture, protected edges, handrails and more should be added where appropriate
  • Parking lot entrances and exits must also be accessible to all peoples


The last piece regarding parking lots is especially important, as there are typically designated spots for disabled parking, but a conscious effort should also be made to the sidewalk entrances and exits for the parking lot or garage itself. Our ADA parking lot services not only include this consideration but we’ll walk you through every code and compliance requirement for your business type.


ADA Compliant Curb Ramps and Their Impact on Your Business

Curbs have almost identical ADA compliance requirements as sidewalk ramps. The key difference is that ADA curb ramp installations are required for areas where the public road meets the sidewalk. Typically, this will be in the form of multiple ramps leading from the street onto the sidewalk that surrounds your property.

ADA Compliant Curb Ramps should not only be slip resistant, but also aim to be wide enough to allow for larger assistance vehicles to navigate. Another feature often overlooked by business owners that win over both regulators and customers, is adding different textures, markings, or materials.

The markings help drivers identity a designated drop off point at a distance which is great for nurses or helpers dropping off a disabled person. However, the magic comes in when the different textures and materials are applied to visually impaired individuals who rely on sound or vibrations to navigate the world. Adding different materials gives them a different sound back that can let them easily know that they are at a ramp or are heading to the street.

Hopefully you’re starting to see that when it comes to accessibility, going above and beyond not only keeps you in compliance, but will improve your business’ appeal tenfold. We’re here to help you every step of the way.


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A newly constructed concrete access ramp leading to a white door flanked by green diagonal siding on a building. The ramp, designed for accessibility, features smooth surfaces and gently sloped sides, blending with the existing sidewalk. A black rubber mat is placed at the bottom of the ramp for additional traction.
A modern wheelchair-accessible ramp with a distinctive zigzag side railing design, contrasting against the classical architecture of a building with large columns. The ramp is made of smooth concrete and has a black metal side panel with a corrugated texture. The setting includes well-kept green grass on one side, indicating careful landscaping around a public or institutional building.
A set of concrete steps leading up to a traditional wooden door set within a brick wall. The steps are equipped with a simple black metal railing providing support and safety. The scene suggests the entrance to an older building, with mature shrubbery flanking the doorway. The architectural style indicates a mix of functionality and classic design.

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