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Concrete Extension and Additions Raleigh NC 

Running out of space on your concrete patio for all your favorite cookout items? Don’t worry as RDU Concrete Contractors and Paving have you covered!

Concrete is a flexible building material that allows for easy expansion, additions, and installations even if the original structure wasn’t created with the new pieces in mind. As a concrete additions company, RDU is trained in not just expanding your existing concrete installation but adding a touch of personality as well.

What Kind of Driveway Extensions Can I Get?

Concrete driveway extensions are some of the most common requests we receive. Typically, if it’s on your property line, and observes your community’s guidelines, we can help!

Here are few ways that our customers have extended their driveway:

  • Made both sides of the driveway wider for more vehicle parking and ease of use
  • Making just one side of the driveway wider
  • Adding length to the driveway so it extends further to or from the home

The last one is a bit trickier as there are some more rigid restrictions, but we’ll be sure to guide you through making your dream driveway extension a reality.

Patio Extensions Have Fewer Limits 

While the driveway has some restrictions based on right of way laws, patios are typically held under less restrictive measures opening them up to far more customization.

When it comes to patio extensions and additions, we can not only widen or lengthen your existing concrete patio, but also add rounded pieces, stamping, and even staining to really make it the talk of your next gathering!

Patios can even be built vertically with designated spots for a grill, seats, or anything else you can imagine.

Options for Extending Concrete Slabs 

While patios are typically attached to the house, freestanding concrete slabs installed on your property can also be extended and built upon. A concrete additions company like RDU are not only trained in the initial slab installation, but also in how to expand them when the time comes.

Slabs typically serve as a solid foundation for items that won’t work as well, or look nice, on grass or dirt. This includes sheds that need a bit more weight bearing or a gazebo spot free from critters that live in the grass. Regardless of your purpose, these can be expanded all around, provided with decorative designs such as rounding, stairs, and beyond.

What to Know About Concrete Foundations for Home Additions

Unlike the other expansions on this list, laying concrete foundations for home additions is a more serious endeavor. Our team at RDU Concrete Contractors and Paving have a guaranteed way to ensure this goes smoothly.

Our team will:

  • Perform soil analysis to determine the load bearing properties of the ground that currently exists
  • Provide leveling or grading to ensure water doesn’t pool or cause issues once the foundation is lain
  • Install rebar and then lay concrete with a weight bearing that will provide stability for a long time to come
  • Ensure the new foundation addition does not pose a threat to the existing foundation of the home

We take these steps to ensure no matter how old your property is, there will be no issues once the builders come out to create your new home addition on top of our work.

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RDU Concrete Contractors and Paving offers competitive rates for all of your concrete driveway, patio, slab, and foundation extension and addition services. Get a free estimate for our concrete extension and additions services today!

he image shows a section of a building site where a new concrete foundation has been poured next to an existing brick house. The foundation has vertical steel rebar protruding, prepared for further construction. A blue safety fence is visible in the background, indicating an active construction area with safety measures in place.
A construction worker is finishing a concrete surface by applying a broom finish. The worker is crouched down, wearing a white stained t-shirt and soiled work pants. They are holding a large broom with bristles against the wet concrete to create a textured, non-slip surface. Their work boots and the bottom of their pants are covered in concrete splatter, indicating active work on the fresh concrete.
A freshly paved residential concrete driveway extends towards a landscaped yard. The driveway is smooth with visible control joints. In the blurred background, there's a lawn with vibrant green grass and a landscaped garden area with various shrubs and large stones, indicating a well-maintained outdoor space.

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